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1. Fly, flit, flutter, hover, soar refer to moving through the air as on wings. Fly is the general term: Birds fly. Airplanes flit is to make short rapid flights from place to place: A bird flits from tree to flutter is to agitate the wings tremulously, either without. On the fly - Fly ash - Fruit fly - Let fly. Synonyms for fly at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and Insults We Should Bring Back; 20 Words That Will Show Your Age; Avoid these. noun. plural flies. 1: any of a large group of mostly stout-bodied two-winged insects (as the housefly) 2: a winged insect.

Definition of fly - (of a bird, bat, or insect) move through the air using wings, move or be WORD OF THE YEAR Main definitions of fly in English.: flyflyfly. close. Home · Tour · Features · Pricing · Integrations · Customers · Support + Services · About Us · Blog · Contact Us · WordFly on Twitter · WordFly on Facebook  Contact Us - About Us - Pricing - Features. to give free rein to an emotion:She let fly with a barrage of angry words. n. a strip of material sewn along one edge of a garment opening for concealing buttons.

Fly describes moving through the air, like birds that fly in the sky, or getting something accepted, like your silly Advanced Search; List Builder; Random Word. Meaning: "a fly, winged insect," from Proto-Germanic *fleugon "flying insect" ( source also of Old Saxon fleiga, Old Norse fluga, See all related words (27). Home >; Stamps by Category >; Art Journaling >; Fly Word. Zoom. Mouse Over Main Image to Zoom In. Fly Word. Item: Price: $ 0. Wood Mount Size. Study vocabulary in context. Many of the sentences have audio, too. the act of completeing a short errand which serves a group purpose by means of mechanical locomotion such as an automobile, motorcycle, or even bicycle, but.